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Bagpipe Whiskey (aka Benjamin Mason) lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales. This is where he creates his own brand of quirky-exotic-lounge-folk-electro, using ‘logic’ on PC plus a variety of plug-ins, a couple of circuit-bent kids toys and an old-school Casio keyboard. Benjamin is a bit of a multi-instrumentalist - you can expect to hear guitar, bass, didgeridoo, saxophone and an ever expanding range of ethnic instruments and samples within the mix.






"Music that acknowledges there are no coincidences only that sometimes the pattern is more obvious"
- BB Skone, Radio Pembrokeshire

"Thoroughly absorbing electronic and organic patchworks"

- Adam Walton, Radio Wales


"Fresh, exciting, original, exotic, psychedelic - full of fun, humour and quirkiness!"
- Anthony Merrill, Parallax Sounds




















Musical vibes on Saturday night from Jonski, Bagpipe Whiskey, and impish … tickets for the gig are at the special price of £3 if you purchase at the same time you book for the ARC Convention. Tickets for the gig ONLY are also available on the door and to those who are not attending the convention itself, at a cost of £6.






Ticket for Saturday Evening Perfromance ONLY



 To book tickets just for the gig itself, pay here --

Impish is Karen Sawyer (and Karen Sawyer is impish). She is author of Soul Companions and The Dangerous Man, and the founder of the ARC Conventions. Her love of words and word-play extends beyond the printed page; because (she says)words only contain the power that the voice gives to them.

Born in Bath, Karen will be familiar to local residents with a good memory of the music scene – this is her first gig in Bath since she was an ‘Ancient One’ in the Hat and Feather era.



Jonski is a charismatic performer with a unique brand of "mellow surf sleepy soft rock hippy loving music". Jonski has been performing since his early teens, and he gigs regularly with his awesome band leggofingers.



Please note: Gareth Icke cannot make it, and will be replaced with Pembrokeshire singer/songwriter Jonski (see below for details)